Chess is a poor substitute for a real tactical combat wargame anyway. Why do clergy members only move diagonally? How can a random foot soldier get a field promotion to Queen?? Where are the terrain and weather modifiers??? — Darths & Droids, the commentary after today’s comic. I happened to be entertained by it, and hope you are as well.
I say we burn the slime."
“But, that’ll set the room on fire!”
“…Do we need a bathroom?
— …Yeah, this came up tonight.
We might encounter a dragon, that’s why I brought the canoe. — One of my players, after shopping in game.

Sometimes I feel like a Turtle (and it’s not amazing)

Sometimes I feel like a turtle, walking through a forest.

I’m seeing birds flying alone or in flocks, reaching amazing heights and singing their beautiful songs.

I’m seeing fish in the streams, smoothly going about life in their schools and calm waters.

I’m seeing woodland creatures, jumping about and having adventures, sometimes in groups or calling out to friends to join them in whatever they’re doing.

And I’m walking along.

I have occasional company, when birds fly by and see what’s going on, when I’m passing by a brook the fish let me know what’s going on, and the woodland creatures include me in their games and adventures whenever they’re passing by, but get distracted.

And somehow I just move on, with no idea where I’m actually walking, but with little better idea than to just keep plodding along…

Yep, sometimes that’s how I feel. Where my friends are doing amazing things, or just getting by, or having adventures and making mistakes with other friends, and I’m just there, with few to no sure traveling companion, no idea where I’m headed, and no better idea than to keep moving when friends move on on other adventures.

Sorry for the down post, just wanted to get this out of my head. Some times are better than others, and sometimes it’s just that I’m a turtle and they’re a squirrel/eagle/salmon/whatever else doesn’t hang out a lot or easily with a turtle.

Seriously, I’m sure I’ll be fine, just feeling some lacks right now, which annoyingly hides the haves I have…

Can you ride a motorbike?"
“I expect I can. It’s been that kind of day.
— Amy and Rory, Doctor Who, Let’s Kill Hitler. Rory is being amazing this episode.
There are some instances where that would work, frantic diorama making for one. — A friend, providing context for something another friend said. No, you don’t get to know the phrase that spawned this :-)

"Oi Frank!"
“Yeah Jim?”
“What the hell is that?” (pointing to my giant, clear glass lava storage facility directly above my entrance)
“Looks like lava Jim. You know dwarves love there lava.”
“But why is it outside? The dwarves don’t even come outside.”
“You know Jim, you always ask these questions, but the fact of the matter is that we need to get into that fortress. There may be a giant vat of lava over the entrance, but maybe it is just dwarven scenery.”
“I seriously hope you are right Frank.”

Frank is never right.

— Hehehe, Dwarf Fortress is amazing. This story was said by geail in a thread supposing how things look from the dwarves’, or, in this case, the goblin’s perspective.
So…Can the albino bonobo tai-bo with the wong white bow? — …The end question when a lisp is brought into gaming jokes…
"I am a candy fiend! Look at the wrappery corpses!" *gestures at the table before her* — A friend, recognizing her problem…
A player is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when the plot dictates he should. — Unknown